There is no need to unclothe since no oils or creams are used for the treatments. It's a quick, clean and easy method to leave your employees feeling energised, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. This is an ideal treatment for the workplace or corporate events.

Each person is required to complete a safety form prior to their massage to ensure our therapist is aware of any injury or ailment, so that we can best take care of your team.

We tailor our massages to not only relax, but revitalise the individual, so our therapist completes each treatment with a number of light pressure, stimulating movements to boost your staff energy, leaving them relaxed and rejuvenated, relieved of stress and psychical tension. 


Stress reduction - tension, and overuse of muscles results in stresses and strains, and massage is a medicine-free resolution to this common office problem.

Reduced neck and back pain - sickness due to back pain can pose a significant cost to employers and chair massage helps prevent this.

Boost morale - being rewarded with a feeling of ease following a chair massage coming as a gift from your ‘Boss’ works better than a compliment.




12 Employees 3 Hours 1 Therapist 12 x 15-minute session £127.50

25 Employees 8 Hours 1 Therapist 25 x 15-minute sessions £250.75

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