Swedish massage blends five types of moves from effleurage where the therapist will use their hands, forearms or elbows to rub your muscles in long gliding movements, invigorating your blood to circulate and return to the heart. An oil or lotion is used to help with movement. There is also kneading, tapping is performed, and your limbs are gently manipulated.


Massage is excellent at combating stress and bringing relaxation to both mind and body. The benefit of massage is not restricted to reducing tightness and eliminating knots - it also provides support to keep ligaments and tendons supple. Massage improves blood and lymph circulation, therefore increasing overall oxygen perfusion, helping to flush out toxins.


Similarly to other types of massage, Swedish massage is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy. Individuals suffering with blood clotting disorders, including deep vein thrombosis, should seek medical advice before booking an appointment. If you suffer with skin conditions such as open wounds, inflammation or skin rashes, massage should be avoided.


60min £110

90min £150

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